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Central California Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorneys Come to the Aid of Victims

Delivering justice for vulnerable elders in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Hollister

When an elder person enters a nursing home or assisted living facility, they are entitled to respect and an appropriate standard of care. Unfortunately, too many seniors suffer abuse and neglect at the hands of those entrusted with their well-being, with resulting injury, illness and even death. The Grunsky Law Firm PC provides effective advocacy for victims of elder abuse and neglect. A dedicated lawyer at our firm can help put an end to mistreatment of your loved one and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Common injuries from nursing home abuse and neglect

Mistreatment at nursing homes can take many forms. Indications include:

  • Bedsores — Pressure ulcers occur as a result of constant pressure or friction on the skin, often from lying too long in one position. The condition can lead to deep, open sores, which are not only painful but also serve as conduits for life-threatening infections.
  • Ill effects of medication — Patients depend on medications but must receive the right drug in the right dosage at the right time. Negligent dispensing or overmedicating are unfortunately commonplace in the nursing home industry.
  • Bruises and marks — Patients who have difficulty walking or getting in and out of bed can easily suffer a fall, which can have devastating consequences such as a hip fracture or a concussion. Some patients also suffer injuries when staff handle them roughly, which may cause visible marks on their skin.
  • Infections — Contagious diseases can spread quickly in a nursing home environment when the staff does not properly isolate sick patients or practice good hygiene.
  • Emaciation — Negligent treatment can cause nursing home residents to waste away. Overmedication can lead to loss of appetite, and poorly prepared or cold food can also go uneaten. Abused patients may withdraw and lose the desire to eat. Elders can easily become dehydrated, which cause serious health complications.
  • Changes in personality — A patient who has been abused may exhibit depression, anxiety and mood swings, becoming less responsive to family and friends.
  • Poor hygiene — Lack of bathing, soiled gowns or linen and an unkempt appearance are all signs that a loved one is being neglected.

If you notice any of these symptoms, complain immediately to management. If the situation does not improve, contact a nursing home abuse attorney who can advocate on your behalf and seek damages for personal injury.

Common forms of abuse and neglect

Nursing homes don’t set out to hurt their residents deliberately, but harm can result from professional negligence and misbehavior of staff. This may include:

  • Misdiagnosis — When physicians fail to recognize symptoms or to respond in a timely manner, patients suffer needlessly, even to the point of wrongful death.
  • Inattention by staff — Nursing home employees, due to poor training, negative attitude or pressure from overwork, often fail to give patients proper care.
  • Verbal abuse — Staff members sometimes use threats and intimidation to instill patients’ obedience.
  • Assault — As horrible as it may seem, nursing home residents are sometimes assaulted by staff as well as by other residents.
  • Theft — Management or staff may misuse their control over patients’ finances and may even extort money.

Patients often do not speak up to visiting family members about abuse, fearing reprisals by staff in charge of their care.

To protect your loved ones, you must be vigilant. If you see signs of abuse, complain to the nursing home management and contact an attorney. Our firm can take decisive steps to end the mistreatment and to recover monetary compensation.

Contact our effective nursing home abuse lawyers serving Santa Cruz, Hollister and Watsonville

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