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Hollister Attorneys Assisting with Employment Contracts and Agreements in San Benito County, CA

Whether you are concerned about an employment contract from the standpoint of an employee or employer, it is wise to consult with a lawyer so you can understand your rights and make informed decisions. From our offices in Watsonville and Hollister, The Grunsky Law Firm PC provides legal help to Central Coast clients by reviewing or drafting contracts, handling contract negotiations and by resolving contract disputes arising due to a breach of contract or other reasons.

Employment agreements and contracts

Drafting employment contracts or other related employment agreements are an integral part of a company’s operations. These legal documents protect the rights of employers and employees alike. Given today’s competitive commercial landscape, businesses must often use non-disclosure and non-compete agreements to protect proprietary information. Employers can factor many benefits into employment contracts to attract high quality employees, such as bonuses, incentives, stock options and pay for vacations, leaves or sick days. Attorneys can help companies negotiate severance package agreements for executive positions. Employment contracts may also contain provisions for evaluating job performance, termination and clauses specifying dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration. Of course, all aspects of a contract must comply with California statutes to be upheld in a court of law, and legal guidance can ensure that the contract is sound. Because California is an at-will employment state, employers have the right to terminate an employee and employees have the right to leave a job without cause. However, written employment contracts establish the terms and conditions for employment. Therefore, when contract violations occur — which are breaches of contract — parties are subject to sanctions under contract law.

Contract disputes

Despite best efforts, sometimes contract disputes arise. Conflicts over wages and benefits, severance agreement violations, wrongful termination, discrimination charges or a bad faith breach of contract on the part of an employer or employee may require resolution. Employees can violate compensation package agreements about leaving the company or feel they were entitled to a bonus they never received. Perhaps an employee’s contract entitled cash value for unused vacation and sick time and the employer failed to honor this agreement.

Attorneys at our law offices in Watsonville & Hollister can help

For more than 70 years, The Grunsky Law Firm PC has provided reliable legal services to clients who deal with employment contracts and agreements in Watsonville, Hollister and surrounding areas. Our attorneys are highly skilled in business and employment law and can effectively meet your needs. For more information, contact our law firm at 831-740-8881 or use our web form.