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Reputable Employment Attorneys Serving Watsonville and Santa Cruz, CA

Reliable advice for compliance and determined representation in disputes

The employer-employee relationship is one of the most important factors for company success or job satisfaction. But this relationship also involves competing rights related to private property and civil liberties, often making aspects of a worker’s employment status the subject of legal disputes. At The Grunsky Law Firm PC, we represent clients on both sides of the equation. This dual perspective allows us to advocate strongly for our clients and find innovative ways of resolving conflicts to the parties’ mutual satisfaction. When you retain our firm for consultation or litigation, an accomplished and reputable attorney manages your legal issues capably and reliably, as we have done since 1946.

Negotiating employment contracts in Watsonville and Santa Cruz

Although most employment in today’s California marketplace is at-will, employment contracts are often necessary for executive officers and workers with access to proprietary materials. Our attorneys represent companies and employees in negotiations of executive compensation packages and other agreements. Pertinent issues often include:

  • Base salary
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Deferred compensation
  • Perquisites
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)
  • Stock options
  • Severance
  • Vesting

We also manage litigation over breaches of employment contracts. In most cases, this involves a written document that one party or the other has allegedly violated. However, cases do arise where employer statements or warranties may have created an implied contract.

Effective attorneys for a variety of employment law issues

For 70 years, employment attorneys at The Grunsky Law Firm have helped businesses and individual employees resolve legal conflicts. In addition to breach of employment contract, the matters we have successfully resolved include:

  • Discrimination — State and federal anti-discrimination laws protect employees from adverse treatment based on their status as a member of a protected class of workers. Employees cannot be denied a job, a promotion or a reasonable accommodation based on their age (over 40 years), color, disability, gender, marital status, nation of origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Sexual harassment — This form of illegal discrimination involves workers subjected to unwanted sexual advances and demands or constitutes a hostile work environment where unwanted sexual talk or conduct is pervasive.
  • Wrongful termination — Workers cannot be terminated in violation of a protected right or in retaliation for exercising a protected right.
  • Whistleblowing — Workers who reveal an employer’s illegal activity to lawful authorities enjoy significant protections under the law.

Our firm advises companies on measures they can take to comply with state and federal law. We also represent employers and employees in litigation over alleged violations of state and federal employment law.

Contact an established employment law firm in Santa Cruz County, California

The Grunsky Law Firm PC provides effective, timely and innovative legal services for employers and employees throughout the Central Coast of California. If you need legal counsel for your company or yourself, a reputable attorney is ready to help. Please call 831-740-8881 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Watsonville office.